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About Éminence And My Facial Treatments

About Éminence Organic Products

Since 1958 Eminence has been creating products that deliver naturally glowing healthy skin, releasing your inner radiance. Treat your skin and your senses to the #1 award winning organic skincare line that delivers beautiful results using organic products, bursting with juicy pulp, seeds and flowers. An exotic skincare line that brings together high quality Hungarian ingredients with an Old World knowledge of fruits and herbs. Feel good about feeding your skin all natural products without harsh chemicals or parabens. Eminence addresses a variety of skin concerns such as premature aging and wrinkling, sun damage, acne, loss of vitality, tone and radiance. Select a customized Eminence facial specifically created to suit your skin needs and let the active ingredients impart health and beauty to your skin. By choosing Eminence skincare products you are helping to save the planet. For every product you purchase Eminence plants a tree for you. Eminence plants millions of trees all over the world every year!

About My Facial Treatments

room-darkMy facial treatments consist of 60 and 80 minute facials using steam with an assortment of organic herbs of your choice from my family’s organic farm in Mendocino. A neck, and décolleté massage is given while you’re under steam. Customized organic fruit peels are used to remove dead skin cells. Extractions are included and a calming soothing treatment is applied with LED phototherapy. As you relax under the LED light you will receive a shoulder, arm and hand massage using an Eminence organic fruity body lotion with warm toasted herbal hand mitts. After this a gauze saturated in acai berry tea is placed over the customized booster-serum and mask. Applying ultrasound will quickly penetrate these ingredients deeper into the skin. A relaxing and stimulating Hungarian facial massage is then added for extra firming. As a bonus, you will receive an Eminence chocolate and sample “goodie bag” of Eminence skincare products to take home with you, so you can continue your Eminence spa experience. Extractions can take longer if the 60 minute facial is selected, so please allow for 20 minutes of additional time.

Discover The Eminence Hungarian Facial Massage

lymphThis revolutionary non-surgical technique 
slows down the aging process, irons out wrinkles, tones tired skin and leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. There are over 90 muscles in the face and a regular Hungarian facial massage will keep them toned and youthful, helping to totally transform skin tone and condition. Facial massage works by giving your skin better firmness and a more ‘lifted’ feel, while making you feel better and younger looking everyday. Were you thinking of having botox or plastic surgery? Then think again! This is the best hands-on, non-evasive and natural alternative you have available today! Great for all skin types except those with active or cystic acne.

The Benefits Of Lymphatic Facial Drainage

lymph2Manual lymphatic drainage is a technique used to gently stimulate the lymphatic system and to assist in the reduction of localized swelling. The lymphatic system is a network of slow moving vessels in the body that carries waste toward the heart, to be filtered and removed. Lymph also carries lymphocytes, and other immune system agents. This unique lymphatic treatment is done in a downward massage motion on the face, helping to improve waste removal and immune function. This treatment is suitable for all skin types . Highly recommended for those who have active or cystic acne. Not recommended for those who have or had cancer in the past.

About My Treatment Machines

Skinbella Ultrasound

A non-invasive skincare system that provides high speed oscillation (25,000 cycles per second) where bi-elastic waves will boost hydration levels by deeply penetrating customized activators and serums leaving the skin soft and supple. Deep moisturization will produce smooth glowing radiant skin. Also it is great for plumping, firming and minimizing pores. This treatment is gentle enough for all skin types and is safe and painless.

Skinbella Crystal Free Beyond Microdermabrasion

Skinbella is a technological advancement beyond crystal microdermabrasion and is a non-invasive skincare system that provides high-speed bi-elastic wave exfoliation for smooth, glowing radiant skin. It is more than just a simple exfoliation and produces proven immediate results that are safe and painless for all skin types. Click here for a comparison to microdermabrasion using harsh crystals and chemical peels.

Oxygen Rejuvenation Facial System

Like all living things, our skin needs oxygen to survive, reproduce and generate. In younger skin, this process is very efficient, but as we age, the micro capillaries degenerate and skin does not receive the nourishment it needs. As a result, the metabolism of our skin cells slow down, collagen and elastin content are reduced and fine lines, discolorations and wrinkles begin to appear. Sun exposure, air pollution, extreme hot and cold variances, diet fluctuations and day-to-day stress all affect the condition of your skin.

LED Phototherapy System

ledNASA originally developed LED phototherapy technology to aid wound healing in space. It has also been used extensively in the medical profession for treating severe psoriasis and dermatitis cases and for successfully treating new-born babies with jaundice. Aesthetically, this technology has been used for 35 years producing excellent results and is presently also being used as a complementary therapy to other cosmetic procedures. LED’s offer a total natural, non-abrasive method for skin rejuvenation. The light from the LED’s interacts with cell receptors and stimulates them to produce new collagen and elastin. It provides 5 types of light with 9 different intensities that target different skincare concerns. This kind of therapy is completely safe and does not produce a thermal reaction in the skin, which makes this a comfortable treatment. Along with its cool beam technology, which virtually eliminates any discomfort, it is truly the most exciting LED phototherapy unit on the market today.

Anti Aging Collagen Gel Mask

This is a one of a kind transparent STS (Skin Temperature Sensitive) system. Intense collagen and revitalization are the results of this STS system, which is used as a sheet-formed transparent gel-mask that is composed of hyaluronic acid, natural pieces of plant collagen and purified water. Most of these essences will remain in your skin since this is not a paper mask therefore, enabling real and direct absorption. This face-mask will gradually dissolve under your body’s own temperature and permeate quickly into your skin, providing all the nutrients and moisture needed. The thickness of the mask will be reduced from 2mm to 1mm because the absorption rate of this product is more than 98%. This treatment is also available for the eyes, lips and neck.